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Silver State Volleyball Teams

14 Rich

Team Roster

# Name Height Position Grade School
Alyssa Albert   7 Carson Valley MS
Caryn Cooper   6 Dayton Intermediate School
Brynn Fowler   8 Dayton Intermediate School
Camila Garcia   7 Canyon Heights Academy
Elizabeth Loos   8 Carson Middle School
Malaya Milazzo   8 Homeschool
Kairi Samaras   8 Carson Middle School
Soleil Swanson   8 Carson Middle School
Zoee Wass   8 Dayton Intermediate School
Kiera Windsor   8 Dayton Intermediate School

Silver State 14 Rich Schedule

Date Days Tournament Location
There are no tournaments associated with this team

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled for this team.

Team News

Tournament Schedule
- California Kickoff
- President's Day
- Golden State Classic
- Far Westerns Nat'l Qualifier