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Silver State VBC Staff

Emily Aguiar | Helper


COLLEGE: Iona College

COACHING PHILOSOPHY: I love the game of volleyball with all of my heart. Its environment is intense, the fast pace gives little time for thinking and yet it is such a mental game. I find my greatest coaching strength is dividing the game into 2 pieces: on the court & in the mind.

My goal is to help girls understand the basic skills involved in volleyball. Once they can rely on their basic skills, I like to develop their mental game. From my experiences as a player, I've decided the most important part of my job is making sure the girls are able to listen to their bodies and take care of themselves (both mentally & physically) so that their volleyball skills can continue to advance and improve their lives, not only their game.

COACHING EXPERIENCE: 2018 Wooster High School Freshman Coach

PLAYING EXPERIENCE:I began playing volleyball in the 7th grade. We had an upfront coach who made it clear I was the very last person to make the cut. I struggled through middle school volleyball as I learned what I could and began playing club volleyball at Silver State (then Capital City) my 8th grade year. As soon as my club experience began I understood volleyball would be a very special part of my life.

My freshman year at Galena High School I played Varsity Volleyball under Theresa Burrows and we won state. I continued to play on Varsity and served as team captain during my junior and senior years. As a middle blocker, I made the all region team on more than one occasion, and the All State team once during my high school career.

Eventually my 18 & under club team qualified for Nationals which had been our goal since we were 14. I went to Iona College in New York State on a volleyball scholarship. Unfortunately, I experienced 2 knee surgeries and the second one ending my career. I am excited to return to volleyball as a coach and pass on knowledge from my experiences.