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Silver State VBC Staff

Andria King | EvoFit

I am a former Hall-of-Fame collegiate basketball player for Regis University, a top-performing D2 program. I am proud to say that many of my single-season records for scoring, blocks and more still stand at Regis. I know what it takes off the court to be a success on the court. Being a collegiate athlete requires dedication, focus, and desire. Along with the time an athlete spends at practice, the extra time and dedication to the small details beyond practice is what takes their game to the next level and helps them achieve maximum performance. With my collegiate experience and knowledge of the path to get there, I began training groups 15 years ago and started personal training 6 years ago. Last year, I joined several of the top Silver State teams for extra training 3x/week. All of that has lead to the creation of EvoFit (at Silver State).