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Silver State VBC Staff

Sasha Gutor | Technical Anaylsis, Video

Oleksandr (Sasha) Gutor

HOMETOWN: Kiev, Ukraine

COLLEGE: Kiev State Physical Academy


COACH SASHA comes to Silver State with a wealth of international and professional playing experience. Gutor hails from the former USSR/Ukrainian volleyball program, and played on the Ukrainian Junior National Volleyball Team from 1971-1974, after which he played professionally, and was a key starter for the Kyiv Locomotive team from 1974-1984. During this time, he was also a starter for the Ukrainian National Team from 1978-1984.


Coach Gutor has an extensive coaching background at the national/international, collegiate and professional levels, including:

Head Coach of the Kazakhstan Women's National Team from 2012-15

Head Coach, Belogorje - MetalInvest Volleyball Pro-Super League Team, Belgorod, Russia 2011

Assistant Volleyball Coach and Physical Education Instructor at Cornell University with Varsity (Div I) 2008 - 2010

Head Coach, Mount Olive College, Varsity Women (Best Season Record 19-1) and Men's Volleyball Teams, Mount Olive, NC 2003 - 2008;

Head Coach, Ukrainian Women's National Volleyball Team, Kyiv, Ukraine 2006 - 2008

Head Coach, Texas Advantage Junior & Womens Volleyball Club, Dallas TX 2001 - 2003

Head Coach, Dallas Cobras (Adult Womens Volleyball Club), Dallas, TX 2000 - 2002

Head Coach, European Professional Teams - All Top Division 1993 - 1999 in their respective Championships (in Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia)

Head Coach, Ukrainian Junior National Volleyball Team 1984 - 1992


With a strong Eastern-European volleyball background, Gutor emphasizes preparing the whole athlete physically and mentally. He is a firm believer in establishing a positive learning environment for the team, and there is no limit to working toward perfection as a volleyball player. He strives to build the game of volleyball within each player and team from the ground up; his primary focus is to achieve a solid level of fundamental execution of all skills for all players. He teaches sophisticated blocking, defensive techniques, and offensive combinations, and coaches in a systematic fashion, but adjusts to the specific needs of each team throughout the development process. His coaching style fosters team camaraderie as he values team unity as an essential, positive force, and believes each player experience should be as meaningful as possible. Gutor believes in having fun while working hard, but demands discipline and respect, and expects players and coaches will follow established policies in all areas of communication and club representation. He holds himself to the same high standards, and believes this promotes a healthy learning environment for all. For Gutor, the Coach is the 7th player on the court, and team and coach work together to achieve the best overall performance, which includes incorporating the player, coach and parents in the development process. Above all, Coach Gutor is both a teacher and student, and hopes to share his passion for learning the technical details of the game of volleyball.